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    TheArticleNG Has Stopped Registration For Now

    You Are Here: Home » Categories: Editorials» TheArticleNG Has Stopped Registration For Now - By On May 2, 2017 At 12:46 am

    Alot of ‘newbie’ hackers are trying to get to our database through brute-force attack, as of now we have recorded about 1,235 failed logins used with different usernames, mostly with the username “admin” or “thearticle”.
    Please all this act of hacking won’t take you anywhere cos this blog is fully protected, nobody can hack it.

    For the mean time we have disabled new user registration, as we are fixing some bug errors at our backend, currently we have over 200+ subscribers in our database.

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    1. Ifeanyi Michealz Ifeanyi Michealz says:

      Please desist from such acts.

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