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    Nigerian Scam: What Is The Way Out?

    You Are Here: Home » Categories: Editorials, General, Tech» Nigerian Scam: What Is The Way Out? - By On May 19, 2017 At 8:30 am

    I have read in the internet, newspapers, journals, tv on how some nigerians are involved in the act of scamming just for a few nairas or dollars, i won’t even be surprise if they are the ones behind Wannacry virus (Ramsomware), but the fact is in every 100 nigerians, 25 are not trustworthy, that is a huge figure, according to Robert Linsday, He once published a post of nigerians been the worst set of scammers, although i don’t agree with him, since he hasn’t work with all the nigerians, but according to him, the ones he has worked with are scammers.

    Why People Fall Under Scammers
    There are lot’s of greedy fellows in the world, and this are the set of people that fall under scammers, imagine someone will tell you to invest $1,000 to make a profit of $25,000, and you (greedy) without even thinking will rush and pay the money, and then your cash is gone, you will start blaming the whole nigerians, not knowing that it was your fault.

    A typical nigerian scam will look like a legit email, they will claim to be from another country, mostly Zimbabwue, Kenya, SouthAfrica, Senegal etc, they will also tell you that they are in a refugee camp after a war broke out or something bad happened in their family, they will claim to be females, sending you pictures of innocent women.
    In a mail i recieved 3 weeks ago, the person claimed to be in a refugee camp in senegal from kenya, and wants to pursue a life in the country am living, claiming that the father left a sum of $12,000,000 in his bank account and she’s in refugee camp, she wants me to be the Next Of Kin, while i played along till they asked for my bank acct details, and i stopped, so this is a typical scam email.

    Now what is the way out? How can it be stopped?
    First is to stop being greedy, don’t reply spam emails of help and lastly don’t share your email account anyhow, especially forums.

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