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Hello esteemed users, if you are reading this page it means that you want to sponsor or guest post on this blog, i hope you are familar with the differences between guest posting and sponsored post.
Sponsored post is a post that’s been paid for;
Guest post is a free post written by a contributor;

Without wasting your time, let’s go down to business, let me talk about guest post first.

If you are interest in guest posting on this blog, you must adhere with the following rules
* Your article must have not-less-than 150 words
* You will provide your original source, if you don’t have any, you can still post
* Use catchy headlines, that will drive traffic to this blog
* Share your post on any social media accounts
* We don’t accept guest posting on promotion or annoucement of a product or services
* We don’t accept guest post that will damage our blog image online
* Your article must be entertaining, enlighting and educative for our users

The above rules is what every guest poster must adhere to.
If you have your article in hand and you are ready to contribute, register here and submit a request mail to [email protected]

Now let’s move over to sponsored post

If you want to publish a sponsored article, it might be done occasionally, 5 months back we were not accepting sponsored post due to some problems, we started it on april 2017.

Sponsored articles is worth the money, you spend on advertising
N500 for 2 days duration (non-sticky)
N1,500 for 7 days duration (sticky)
N5,000 for 30 days duration (sticky)

Our prices are reasonably cheap and we have a decent amount of traffic.

We don’t have rules on this part, but you know what you should do, register here and submit a request mail to [email¬†protected]