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    Top Ways In Writing A Quality Job Application Letter In Nigeria

    You Are Here: Home » Categories: Job Search, Jobs» Top Ways In Writing A Quality Job Application Letter In Nigeria - By On May 4, 2017 At 11:18 am

    In life nothing comes easy, writing a job application for a prospective job might seem quite easy, but when you are into it, you will find yourself throwing pieces of thrash you wrote, with this few tips which am gonna highlight here, you will see yourself moving to stardom

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    After Reading this post, you should be able to know;

    * What is An Application Letter
    * Pick Letter Format
    * Address The Recipient
    * Pinpoint Your Advantage
    * Repost your career standings
    * Get In Touch

    I will write the tips according to the way i highlighted it.

    What Is An Application Letter?
    Application letter is simply what you write to get a dream job, i’m talking based on job searches, any job seeker will not find it hard to know about this.

    Pick Letter Format
    These days job applications are been written and submitted over the internet, if you are writing a job application online, then you have a greater success that someone writing on a paper, categorically this feature applies to online job seekers, fonts like Arial and Roman Times are the best for online job seekers.

    Address The Recipient
    Let’s assume you know the work occupation of the person you are submitting the JA, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to address the recipient, you can google about “address recipient in job application” to learn more.

    Pinpoint Your Advantage
    What can you offer to the company? How can your job offer solutions to the company? Questions like this should pop up in your head, when writing this line.

    Recap Your Career
    What have you done in the past? what company have you worked for? be sure to include this line in order to make the job assigner to have trust in you.

    Get In Touch
    Input your details on how you can be reached.

    How To Submit a Nice CV coming soon here.

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