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    The Bride Of Judas – Episode 1

    You Are Here: Home » Categories: Stories, Stories Updates» The Bride Of Judas – Episode 1 - By On May 15, 2017 At 2:51 pm

    (EPISODE 1)


    Victoria was delighted and happy that she was going to marry soon, she really loves james who is her husband-to-be, she was born catholic same thing with james, he is from a family of catholics, however he has his downside, which is common in every man, he has a high temper of being annoyed easily.

    Victoria on her own part is hot, sexy and to crown it all she’s beautiful, although age isn’t on her side and she’s 35 years old, the next day is saturday, and it was the day she and james picked for their upcoming wedding.

    Victoria mother, lucia wasn’t happy that her daughter is getting married to pervert (according to her) she called victoria to give her a piece of advice.

    “Hello vicky, please i want to talk to you”

    “Hey mum, am coming let me freshen up”

    “This one you are doing like this, i wonder how you will behave in your husband’s house” she said while laughing

    Vicky rushed down to meet her mother in the living room
    “Hey mum, you called me?”

    “Yes my child, i just want to give you a piece of advice, since you insists on marrying this man”

    “Mum today is friday and my wedding is tomorrow, please don’t spoil my day” she said visibly angry

    “Will you sit down and listen to me child”

    “Ok mum, am all ears”

    “Good, what i want to tell you is that you are making a huge mistake in marrying that man and you’ll regret it later in life”

    “Mum whatever, my mind is made up”

    Vicky left her mum in despair without looking back


    The next day. Saturday (Wedding Day) 07:30am

    Vicky is already dressed up for the ocassion, “I just hope something bad doesn’t happen” she thought

    Back at the church, everything is ready, the priest have just arrived in his rolls royce with his mass servants, the priest was dressed in white but he doesn’t know what will happen to him in the coming hours*

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    1 Comment

    1. atulegwu godswill says:

      women can never learn to be patient and listen to the advices of their moms,let’s see what will become of the marriage

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