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Posted by on May 15, 2017 at 2:26 pm

The Crucifixco – (Short Story) Episode 1

Hello everyone, this is the opening of the new section on this great blog, labeled “STORIES UPDATE” , the link hasn’t been added yet, but i will definely add it!
This Story ‘The Crucifixco’ is based on fictional characters, pls if the characters related to anyone reality, pls do well to contact us.
The story was written by Ifeanyi Michealz, the owner of this blog..
Tayo was preparing to go to the university, he was a very lucky boy, atleast his parents were rich, but he had something in mind, aiming to be the best grauduating student in the school, while he was still thinking, his mom shouted his name, “Tayo Tayo, get your things ready we will soon be leaving” Tayo replied “Yes mum i’m on my way” At first tayo was a very obedient boy, but things are about to change now!
The university is about 5 hours drive from their residence, Tayo wanted to go to school from home, but his parents refused, giving an excuse that they want him to see the outside world, this was the beginning of his ‘self-inclined’ problems.
Tayo sluggishly obeyed, so they rented a self contain apartment opposite the school compound, so that tayo can have easy access to school.
So tayo has set everything and is ready to go, tayo’s father was sick at that time, so he couldn’t follow his son to the campus, so the mother ignited the SUV and asked the gateman to open the gate, “Hello emeka, could you please open the gate for me” , the gateman rushed and open the gate for madam, tayo open the front door and hop in, while the housemaid put his belongings in the car boot, tayo waved goodbye to everyone, but nobody knows that the same good tayo will return ‘reversed’.
Watch out for episode 2.

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