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Published by on May 15, 2017 at 2:29 pm

The Crucifixco – (Short Story) Episode 2

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Sorry of the late update on this story, if you want to read the previous episode, Search “The Crucifixco” on our seach box, Thank You.

Episode 2
After a Six (6) hours drive, Tayo and his Mum, Bisola has finally reached the university, the traffic on their way coming was huge.
“Wow The University is so big” Said Tayo, his mum replied “You haven’t seen anything yet” truly he hasn’t seen anything, tayo and his mum entered through the university main gate, and headed straight to the Administrative office for further documention, since tayo’s mum didn’t want her son to stay in the campus neither does she want him to stay at home, she has already prepared a self-contain apartment for tayo opposite the school compound.
Tayo on his own part was happy to leave outside the school premises, “so that nobody will control me” he thought.

2 days laters.

It was the time for orientation of new students in the university, first you have to go to the notice board to check if you are a certified student, because some students fraud their way.
After the orientation, tayo thought it was time to make new friends, tayo wanted to keep low-key not to give the impression that he’s from a affulent family.
As they say “Bad friends corrupt good morals” this saying was no exclude for Tayo case!

Watch for Episode 3.

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