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    The Crucifixco – (Short Story) Episode 3

    You Are Here: Home » Categories: Stories, Stories Updates» The Crucifixco – (Short Story) Episode 3 - By On May 15, 2017 At 2:30 pm

    (Episode 3)
    Tayo’s new school school was blessed in the sense of academic infrastuctures and standard of learning, however Tayo has another thing on his mind, “Women, Girls, Money and Sex” Tayo was still a virgin when he got to the university, but 5 months later he deflowered a virgin girl through the inner caucus, heheh we will be getting closer to that in the coming episodes.


    New friends were flocking around, both the bad ones and the goods ones, “But bad values corrupt good morals”.
    Tayo had a secret diary he usually writes his story in which i’m telling you now from his diary book, i found it at the university campus.

    “Hello, my name is amanda, are you new here?” A pretty girl asked him the qusetion “Hmm, mm ehh, yes am a new intake” I guess the girl had a crush on tayo, well tayo is handsome.

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